AMORcito Sustainer Drive

Become an AMORcito

What does it mean to be an AMORcito?

An AMORcito is our name for someone who pledges to donate monthly!

When you schedule your donations, we can do less fundraising and more work towards our mission. It means we can count on you and our members can count on us. 

Your sustained donation is a way to be in community with AMOR and the people connected to it—our victories will also be yours, and you can celebrate with us. Increasing the number of people who can live freely and without fear is a net benefit for us all. Plus, if you donate over $25 a month, you get a cool hat. 

Give monthly if… 

  • You believe folks facing systems of state violence like immigration, prisons and policing should be met with community-led peer support,
  • You want to know that you and/or the people around you are better able to stay together with their families, get to work safely, and avoid state repression,
  • You value possibility, opportunity and justice for everyone,
  • You believe in AMOR’s work and want it to continue, and can’t share your skills or your time.

See how far your donation can go

We’re asking you to choose an amount that you can freely and generously share each month. Any amount makes a difference! 

$5/month ($60/year)
Travel to and from Boston for court
$10/month ($120/year)
Supplies for the next art build
$25/month ($300/year)
Keep the Support Line ringing all year
$50/month ($600/year)
Care packages for 8 new families
$75/month ($900/year)
1 month of rent for our community/office space
$100/month ($1200)
A week and a half of full time case management

Support Line


The AMOR Support Line is a multilingual (currently English & Spanish) line of volunteer operators that connects community members to AMOR’s network of services, including comprehensive mental health care, legal support, court accompaniment, community support, transportation, and interpretation.