AMOR is an alliance of community based grassroots organizations mobilizing at the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and immigration status to prevent, to respond to, and to end state violence against our community. We work to create a space where the community can demand accountability, challenge injustices, and access healing after experiencing violence. We are organizing to place sovereignty back into the hands of communities directly affected by systemic oppression and to build leadership, generate power, create sustainability and organize resistance with and alongside all directly affected peoples.

Partner Organizations

Organizations involved include Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE), Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM), The FANG Collective, Colectivo Sin Fronteras, and Ocean State Advocacy. We will need support from individuals and organizations together to keep our communities safe.


AMOR envisions a world where the community has the power to ensure sovereignty. Where families do not fear being separated due to their documentation status and where black and brown communities are able to protect themselves against police violence and immigration raids. AMOR envisions a world where mental and physical health are the number one measure of community safety. Furthermore we envision a society where individual acts of hate and state sponsored hate are defeated by frontline community resistance.

AMOR Staff

Catarina Lorenzo is the Director of the Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance (AMOR). Catarina is a Q’anjob’al-Maya woman from a small village in the mountains of Guatemala. She was the first person in her family, and one of the first from her village, to graduate university. In Guatemala Catarina worked for a number of human rights, women’s rights, indigenous rights, and social justice organizations. Since moving to Rhode Island she has worked as a community organizer and in June 2017 she began work as the director of AMOR. Catarina is also actively engaged in the large transnational community of Guatemalan migrants from her home region, producing and hosting a weekly radio program called ‘Rights in Action’ which airs online and via FM in Guatemala.


Arely Diaz, Lead Organizer (she/her) is a 25 year old from Los Angeles, California. She has called Providence, Rhode Island home for over seven years and has worked with AMOR for half that time. She got involved with this work through her own mixed status family, whose roots are in El Salvador and Nicaragua. When she is not busy learning about immigration law, organizing direct actions, and connecting with community members, she can be found reading comic books or playing video games with her sister, V.


Jasmina De Leon Gill, Case Manager, is a non-binary, Latinx, queer community member in Providence, RI. They started working with AMOR in March 2020 as the case manager. Since working with AMOR, they have also begun organizing direct action in PVD within the AMOR Network. They have seen the stress and struggles movement work can create and have witnessed the marginalization of communities significantly affected by police / state violence, racism, made even more visible by the lack of resources to meet basic needs. As a case manager in RI, their goals are to create accessible resources while building a stronger relationship with this community.


Sophia Wright, Communications Manager, (they/them, she/hers) is a person of Black, Indigenous (of so-called MA & RI), and white ancestry, born and raised in Rhode Island. In 2013 Sophia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies. Through their studies they developed the strong conviction that all radical work must happen in community with others. Since then they have engaged in community spaces in Providence doing organizing around various social justice issues including immigration, prisons and policing. Their passion for this work is fueled by their desire to see their BIPOC community thrive in public spaces and able to stand in its own power.

Support Line


The AMOR Support Line is a multilingual (currently English & Spanish) line of volunteer operators that connects community members to AMOR’s network of services, including comprehensive mental health care, legal support, court accompaniment, community support, transportation, and interpretation.