Community Support

To access AMOR´s services, call the Support Line at 401-675-1414 anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Spanish or English. A volunteer will answer your questions and connect you with the appropriate AMOR service team.


Legal Support

Immigration Team

The Immigration Team provides legal support and court support to community members under threat from ICE. We provide:

  • Free/pro-bono or low-cost consultation with an immigration lawyer
  • Assistance in finding affordable services with an immigration lawyer
  • Accompaniment to court dates, ICE check-ins, etc.
  • Know Your Rights and other community talks and training
  • Protection and support for at-risk parents of deportation (Family Preparedness Planning)

Police Violence Team (Community Defense Project)

The Community Defense Project (CDP) provides organizing and legal support to folks who have been brutalized and/or suffered at the hands of Providence Police.

We understand that the police will not police themselves. Even with the passage of the historic Community Safety Act, there needs to be a community-level enforcement group that can hold the police accountable. We are strengthened by the experiences of directly-affected individuals and sustained by community ownership. We will rise and defend our communities against the injustices of state violence, and its corruption so deeply woven into our lives. We will fear the police no more, and we demand the justice we deserve. End prisons, and end mass incarceration!

Mental Health

The Mental Health Team connects individuals and families with structurally-competent care. We provide:

  • Referrals for individual therapy
  • Referrals for psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for court purposes
  • Advocacy for survivors of trauma resulting from state-sponsored violence
  • Anti-oppression and structural-competency training
  • Ongoing consultation opportunities

Language Justice

The Language Justice Team provides interpretation to community members and cultivates consciousness in our movements. Supported languages currently include Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The languages offered will grow as AMOR builds capacity. We provide:

  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Workshops on Interpretation for Social Justice

AMOR envisions a world in which all community members can exercise their right to express themselves and be understood in the language in which they feel most comfortable, access the services they need, and organize for social change.


The Transportation Team provides transportation services for people who need free and timely transportation to important meetings or locations, particularly people who have court dates or ICE check-ins or who need to visit family members in detention centers. We hope to expand the program soon to include emergency transport to those who need it.

Community Response

The Community Response Team serves as frontline resistance to threats against our communities, providing community support and public demonstrations. Team members are trained and prepared to intervene during crisis situations involving individual acts of violence or general acts of state-sponsored violence.

A community response can be requested for cases that need publicity and media attention, pressuring institutions into meeting community demands.

Support Line


The AMOR Support Line is a multilingual (currently English & Spanish) line of volunteer operators that connects community members to AMOR’s network of services, including comprehensive mental health care, legal support, court accompaniment, community support, transportation, and interpretation.